How to Drink Water: Stay Hydrated the Ayurvedic Way

When individuals told me to “drink more water,” I would suggest “I know,” and subsequently roll the eyes of mine.
How often have you been advised to consume extra water? Your mother tells you. Your doctor tells you. You learn about the benefits of hydration at the gym or maybe reading one more article touting the advantages of drinking water.
Most of us improve the water intake of ours for a couple of weeks however admit, “I do not drink sufficient water,” noting our dry lips or perhaps clogged pores. Ultimately, even our month long sprint of drinking much more water ends since we cannot stand peeing all of the time.
Drink much more water: the information everyone loves to make and then do not do.

The “Drink More Water” Advice Ain’t Working, So Here is a far better Way
Let us have a broader discussion regarding how to drink water. All of the following is the definitive Ayurvedic manual on how you can drink water properly.
The vast majority of our human body is drinking water. That drinking water is actually saved both inside and outside cells to dissolve nutrients, carry waste, regulate body temperature, send brain messages, and lubricate all the moving parts of ours. You want a lot of warm water to performance and feel really very good. Nevertheless, you drop a great deal of warm water daily through breathing, sweat (even in case you do not work out), urine, and bowel movements. The best choice of yours option for ideal health is replenishing the entire body of yours with adequate water.

How can you realize you may require extra water? Below are five tell tale signs:
1. Dryness: lips that are dry, skin, eyes, and hair
2. Inflammation: burns & skin rashes, clogged pores leading to acne, eyes that are red
3. Urine color: the second you wake up your pee is actually deep yellow rather than light yellow (not clear)
4. Constipation: in case you do not have a bowel movement for one day that is complete or even longer
5. Sweat: little to no sweat
Ayurveda motivates us to drink water so we take in it. Lots of people chug water and within twenty minutes pee a clear fluid out, and that means their entire body didn’t absorb the rain. I used to be really fed up with this because whenever I increased the water consumption of mine, I discovered myself spending so much time peeing out water that I stopped having far more liquids.
While increasing water consumption does involve having a couple of additional trips to the bathroom (in a well functioning body, individuals might pee every three hours), you shouldn’t be peeing out water right after drinking it. Because of Ayurveda, I discovered just how to absorb water effectively.

Allow me to share six measures to assist your entire body absorb water effectively:

Step one. Drink lukewarm or even water that is hot rather than ice cold water.
Ice cold water freezes the enzymes and fluids in the gut of yours so your body cannot properly process food, that generates toxic buildup. Additionally, the blood vessels constrict so the dangerous buildup gets trapped inside you rather than emptying through the lymph of yours (cleansing) operating system. Blood vessel constriction also prevents blood from circulating exactly where it must be, restricting the organs of yours from getting nutrients if they want them. Hot or lukewarm water gently stimulates the natural flow of the lymph system and over time, you’ve significantly less buildup. That principle is incredibly critical for females during menstruation or even when wanting to conceive because ice cold water decreases the circulation and effort required to prepare the reproductive organs.

Bottom line: ice cold water can make your body work harder than it has to work.

Step two. Add these four ingredients to water to boost absorption.
These compounds bind to water molecules to make delivery into the entire body faster:

1. Add a teaspoon of unrefined mineral salt (not typical table salt but Celtic Sea Salt, Utah’s Redmond Real Salt or perhaps Pink Himalayan Salt) to every 32 ounce container of drinking water.

2. Add a squeeze of lemon to the water of yours.

3. Soak chia seeds for a couple of hours and add them to the water of yours.

4. Add ginger slices to the water of yours.
Want added sweetness or perhaps flavor? Soak fruit in your water to infuse it with a refreshing taste. Kiwi- Raspberry Peach|Lemon Cucumber Mint|Strawberry -Basil|Pineapple-Lemon-Mint. Produce the own mixture of yours. All it requires is actually fruit that is fresh and pitcher of water.

Step three. Drink a particular tall glass (16oz) of warm water the second you awaken.
Your all night was worked by body to offer up yesterday’s waste. This’s exactly why you frequently need to wear the bathroom very first thing the next day. To ensure that the entire body is clean, flush the body of yours with water that is warm right after waking up. Do not wait until fifteen, twenty, or maybe thirty minutes after waking up, because and then you would only be holding on to waste rather than eliminating it. Several of this particular morning water may not be absorbed, though the use of drinking so much water at one time is stimulating the appropriate bowel movement.

In order to help make it simple, I have an electrical teakettle in the bedroom of mine that I fill at night as well as switch on when I awaken. Mineral salt is added by me to the morning cup of mine of water. In summer time, I drink water at room temperature. You are able to slightly improve your early morning water intake in case you are not working with a morning bowel movement. You are able to also decrease the consumption of yours to 8oz in case you have any abdominal pain with 16oz.

Step four. Set up a goal to consume half the body weight of yours in ounces every day.
Here is a real world example. 120 pounds are weighed by me. Half the body mass of mine is sixty pounds, therefore the goal of mine will be drinking sixty ounces of warm water one day. I drink sixteen ounces of warm water the moment I wake up, so that means I’ve forty four ounces still left drinking during the day. In case you are outdoors often or perhaps extremely physically active, increase the water supply intake of yours until you are quenched. Heavyset individuals may have intercellular water retention as a result of many years of improper diet. Talk to the doctor of yours in case you’re retaining excessive water.

Step five. Look for a water bottle or maybe container as well as compute exactly how many servings you want one day to fulfill the goal of yours from Step four.
The minimal price, useful manner? I repurposed a 32 ounce glass juice container to be the water bottle of mine. I drink aproximatelly two jugs one day. When I am on the go, I pour water from this particular jug into a smaller container so I still have a precise measure while I come back.

Step six. During the day, sip water but do not chug – particularly with meals.
When I first began drinking even more water, I would chug water at night since I kept falling short of my 2-jugs-a-day goal. I was pleased I hit the goal of mine but then I would grumpily need to wake up during the night to pee. I never absorbed the water I chugged.

I’d rather you calmly sip the warm water of yours and then fall somewhat short of the aim than chug like a frat boy. Above all, do not chug water with meals since you’re killing the digestive fire (agni) that is attempting to process the food of yours. Based on exactly the same idea, you too do not wish to chug water immediately after a meal. Instead, thirty minutes before a meal, consume a cup of water. That hydrates the stomach’s buffering lining so it is in a position to create the enough stomach acid you have to digest difficult foods (dairy, nuts, eggs, etc). There is a good balance. Do not drink an entire cup of warm water right before a meal, or maybe you may dilute your stomach acid.

“Water before a meal is actually nectar. Fluids are replenished by it and also encourages juicy digestive organs. Small sips during a meal is actually honey. It will help turn the food into a sauce. Water after a meal is actually poison since it dilutes stomach acids.” – Dr. Vasant Lad

All of the following is a great water intake manual for the typical person:

Daily Water Target
• Wake up: Drink 2 8 ounce cups of water (this will clean your body)
• Breakfast: Sip water with breakfast as needed
• Between lunch and breakfast : Drink a minimum of one cup of water
• 30 45 minutes before lunch: Drink one cup of warm water more than fifteen minutes
• Lunch: Sip water with lunch as needed
• Between dinner and lunch : Drink a minimum of one cup of water
• 30 45 minutes before dinner: Drink one cup of warm water more than fifteen minutes
• Dinner: Sip water with dinner as needed
• Between bedtime and dinner : Drink a minimum of one cup of warm water (in case you consume a considerable amount of warm water too close to bedtime, you may wake up in the night to pee) • Sit down if you drink water. You eat sitting down to focus the entire body of yours on processing food items. Provide the body of yours exactly the same peace when you sip water.

Exercise Water Target
• 15 30 minutes before exercise: Drink one cup of water
• During exercise: Sip water
• After exercise: Drink one cup of water
Final Step: As you develop the appropriate water behavior, search for signs of hydration in the body of yours.
In one month, you are going to see results. Look at your lip area and hands to see whether they’re much less dry. Look at your face to find out whether blemishes are actually beginning to clean. Gauge the general glow of your skin and hair. You may begin to observe you think much less exhausted in the early morning and also have much more power to experience you throughout the day. Welcome to the glorious world of hydration!

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